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Most of our Prism & Pendants are made in Austria by the Swarovski Company. Since Daniel Swarovski founded his crystal manufacturing company in 1895, the name Swarovski has been synonymous with high-quality crystal. Whether you’re looking for crystal prisms, pendants, or beads, you can trust any Swarovski crystal to be of the finest workmanship.

We also carry a selection of Asfour crystals manufactured in Egypt. Asfour is one of the worlds largest producers of leaded glass (>30%PbO). Established in 1961, Asfour has been continually adding to their line of crystals while keeping their prices extremely affordable.

All of our prisms and pendants make beautiful sun catchers, jewelry, chandeliers, rear view mirror ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments, wedding favors and gifts.

Our goal is to provide you with fast, friendly service, while at the same time we strive to offer you low prices.

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