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We carry a variety of crystal beads to meet all of your jewelry making needs. Our beads can be broken down into three major categories; we have Asfour round beads that come in sizes that range from 6mm to 16mm, Swarovski round crystals beads that come in the standard 4mm and 6mm sizes with models like the aurora borealis and jet black. We also carry Swarovski diamond shaped beads that come in a variety of colors like amethyst, citrine, emerald, rose, siam and peridot.

Add even more sparkle to your hanging prisms and jewelry with our selection of crystal beads.

  • 3000¬†Asfour Round Bead

  • 3100 Asfour Barrel Bead

  • 5000 Swarovski 10mm Round Bead

  • 5000 Swarovski 8mm Round Bead

  • 5000 Swarovski Round Bead

  • 5328 Swarovski 2.5mm Diamond Bead

  • 5328 Swarovski 3mm Diamond Bead

  • 5328 Swarovski 4mm Diamond Bead

  • 5328 Swarovski 5mm Diamond Bead

  • 5328 Swarovski 6mm Diamond Bead

  • Rondelles