We carry a variety of crystal beads. 

Asfour round beads come in sizes that range from 6mm to 20mm.  Austrian, 5000 series, crystal round beads come in the standard 4mm - 12mm sizes in both crystal and aurora borealis and a variety of colors in 8mm.

Austrian, 5328 series, diamond shaped beads come in a variety of colors in 4mm, 5mm & 6mm. 

Austrian, rondelle spacer bead 5mm crystal & aurora borealis, 6mm crystal.

Austrian, 5040 Briolette beads, 6mm & 8mm crystal & aurora borealis.

Preciosa rondelle beads, for now, come in crystal & aurora borealis, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm.

Preciosa rhinestone rondelles

Add even more sparkle to your hanging prisms and jewelry with our selection of crystal beads.

  • 3000 Asfour Round Bead

  • 3100 Asfour Barrel Bead

  • 451 69 302 Preciosa Rondelle Beads

  • 5000 8mm Round Bead in Colors

  • 5000 10mm Round Bead

  • 5000 12mm round bead

  • 5000 6mm Round Bead aurora borealis

  • 5040 Briolette Bead

  • 5305 Rondelle Spacer

  • 5328 4mm Diamond Bead in Colors

  • 5328 5mm Diamond Bead in Colors

  • 5328 6mm Diamond Bead in colors

  • Rhinestone Rondelles