Whether you’re making jewelry as gifts for the holidays or making crystal ornaments for your own private collection, Dancing Sun Crystals has all the craft accessories you need to give life and style to your creative project. We carry triangular jump rings that are helpful when hanging pendants and charms. These work particularly well with the Swarovski and Asfour prisms. We also carry bow tie connecting pins that are great for connecting a chain of beautiful crystals beads and crystal prisms along with prong bails, beading wire, monofilament, crimp beads and more.

You provide the imagination and we’ll provide the accessories and supplies to give your creative projects the perfect look and feel!

  • Beading Wire

  • Bowtie Connecting Pins

  • Crimp Beads

  • Crimp Tubes

  • Crimping Pliers

  • Head Pin

  • Plain Connecting Pins

  • Triangular Jump Rings