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Frequently asked questions


Dancing Sun LogoWhat are the shipping rates for the US? The shipping is $6.40 for orders up to $199.99 & $10.30 for orders $200.00 or more.

Dancing Sun LogoDo you ship to other countries besides the US? At the current time we also ship to Canada, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom & Austria. Please go to "About Us" to see our rates.

Dancing Sun LogoI keep trying to add an item to my cart but I don't see it in the cart. Unfortunately, that means the item is low on stock or out of stock. We try to update when a piece is actually out of stock, but when we are low on a piece it won't tell you the quantity, so you will have to pick a number and go up or down in that quantity until you figure out what we actually have in stock. Or you can call (800) 511-2944 and we will tell you how many we have in stock of that item.

Dancing Sun LogoWhy isn't there a Swarovski logo in my crystal? The 8000 series prisms are the pieces that contain the logo, except for the 8000 spectra series and the emerald and bordeaux colored prisms. The logo is usually located near the hole on the prism. The 6000 series DOES NOT have the logo. 

Dancing Sun LogoWhat is the difference between Swarovski's Advanced Crystal & Swarovski's Spectra crystal?

Swarovski no longer produces glass with the addition of lead. The patented, lead-free advanced crystal (AC) composition, offers superior brilliance and light reflection. AC is entirely made of carefully selected raw materials in very high purity, in order to reach its outstanding quality standard. Spectra crystal has a different crystal composition, comes with a basic assortment of traditional shapes and is only available in crystal. spectral crystal is the perfect choice for the price-conscious consumer. Thanks to its crystal composition, spectra crystal offers above-average results regarding light reflection and brilliance while still delivering excellent value for money.

Dancing Sun LogoWhat is the difference between SWAROVSKI crystals and ASFOUR.

Swarovski is the finest crystal in the world, manufactured by Swarovski in the Austrian Alps. It is lead free and is generally machine cut and then machine polished to achieve perfect optic clarity, razor sharp faceting and unique purity and brilliance. Available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, this collection of crystal glass offers a fabulous palette for lighting designers, as well as for designers in the worlds of fashion, jewelry and home accessories.

Asfour crystal is composed of 32% lead glass and manufactured in Egypt. Asfour produces first quality, machine cut crystal glass of sparkling clarity and flawlessness. Though not as "perfect" as Swarovski crystal, Asfour is characterized by a prismatic brilliance, visual purity, sharp faceting and precise polishing all at a modest price.