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July 19, 2020

If you would like us to send a gift from you to one of your friends or family members, we would be happy to do so. Just make sure that the shipping address is for the person you are sending a crystal to and that you let us know, in the notes section, that you don't want the invoice included. We can also include a note in the box if you let us know what you would like to say. Include that in the notes section or in an email, dancingsuncrystals@gmail.com

8950 2011 50mm is back for a bit, $19.48 each

5000 8mm dorato 2x Swarovski round bead, at a great price, $0.20 each

5000 8mm topaz Swarovski round bead, $0.46 each

8950 3021 Flow 63mm silver shade, $3.12

855 20 & 30mm Swarovski aurora borealis, $2.54 & $5.04 
8551 20mm & 30mm Swarovski aurora borealis, $2.54 & $5.04