What's NEW!

May 11, 2021

All orders placed after May 12th, 5PM will not be shipped until after May 24th

In October 2020, Swarovski has announced they will be discontinuing the 8000 series. :0( That means the 8115's, 8611's, 8558's, all of the crystals that start with an 8. So if there is something you love, We suggest you order it soon.

8611 40mm crystal is finally back in stock, only 1 box and then we probably won't be able to get more

8611 63mm crystal is finally back in stock

8560 30mm crystal is finally back in stock!


8901 63mm Baroque $8.65

DS20 Peace sign with flowers, 2" diameter, $5.66 each


DS29 Mermaid on a shell 2.25" x 1.75" 



8558 40mm faceted ball, blue violet