What's NEW!

February 13, 2021

Swarovski has announced they will be discontinuing the 8000 series. :0( That means the 8115's, 8611's, 8558's, all of the crystals that start with an 8. So if there is something you love, We suggest you order it soon.

DS29 Mermaid on a shell 2.25" x 1.75" 

8611 63mm pencil drop in golden shadow $5.59

8115 14mm Lily Octagon, bordeaux copper, a rich dark red with a shimmer like coating.

6431 16mm Princess Cut Pendant, aurora borealis, $1.82

6432 14.5mm heart pendant, aurora borealis, bermuda blue, vitrail light & vitrail medium

6724 19mm sun disk, aurora borealis, $1.95

8601 38mm golden shadow, photo not yet available, $2.36

8115 14mm erinite shimmer, citrine shimmer and silver shade.


8558 40mm faceted balls in antique green, bordeaux, light peridot and light topaz $16.42 each. These are big and beautiful! The above photo is a comparison of the 20mm, 30mm & 40mm antique green.