What's NEW!

October 31, 2020

Swarovski has announced they will be discontinuing the 8000 series at the end of the year :0(. Yes, that means the 8115's, 8611's, 8558's, all of the crystals that start with an 8. So if there is something you love, We suggest you order it soon.

8611 40mm pencil drop, golden shadow & silver shade 

8115 14mm shimmer, very similar to the aurora borealis but a bit lighter in color


8725 50mm aurora borealis, the 38mm aurora borealis is selling well so decided to bring in the 50mm ab while they are still available.

8115 14mm Lily Octagon in rose. We've never seen this color in the lily octagons, special addition!

8950 2011 50mm Flame is back in stock, $19.48 each