All of our pewter pendants and pewter figurines are produced in the U.S. with high quality lead free pewter. We carry a variety of delightful pewter figurines to feature your hanging crystal prisms and crystal ornaments: fairy figurines, dragon figurines, hummingbirds, dolphins, crescent moons, suns,  and a variety of other shapes. Each figurines has a hole for hanging and one for attaching a crystal prism or crystal bead to the pewter. If you are adding your own crystals, we recommend the TR2 jump ring for most of the smaller crystals (ex. 20mm faceted balls and TR5 for slightly bigger crystals (ex. would be 30mm faceted balls).  

Have fun with the great variety of crystals you can add to the pewter Figurines. 

All of the pewter figurines are sold without the crystals. But most can be ordered with an attached crystal.

  • DS01 Mr Sun

  • DS02 Sunburst

  • DS03 Mr Moon

  • DS04 Dragonfly

  • DS05 Dolphins

  • DS06 Hummingbird

  • DS07 Om

  • DS08 Angel w/dove

  • DS10 Lg Dragonfly

  • DS11 Dragon

  • DS12 Fairy

  • DS18 Celtic Cross

  • DS22 Mother & Baby Whale

  • DS23 Little Fairy

  • DS24 Dolphins in Wave

  • DS25 Dolphin

  • DS26 Mermaid

  • DS27 Tropical Fish

  • DS29 Mermaid on shell