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6704 Snowflake

6704 Snowflake

Scroll down to see available sizes of crystal and aurora borealis of Swarovski's sparkling snowflakes.

Wondering about the difference between sunset gold and glacier blue aurora borealis. Each photo displays sunset gold on the left and glacier blue on the right, they seem to magically change whether they are on a light or dark background, that is the beauty of the 2 types of aurora borealis.

6704 aurora borealis snowflake Swarovski6704 aurora borealis snowflake Swarovski

Price Size/Color Quantity Total
$ 1.33 20mm crystal
$ 0.88 20mm aurora borealis "glacier blue"
$ 2.30 30mm crystal
$ 3.23 30mm aurora borealis
$ 2.79 35mm crystal