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6714 Star

6714 Star

There are 2 types of stars on this page.

One is in the 6000 series Swarovski pendants. The 6000 series generally have a slightly larger hole at the top, does not have the Swarovski logo and the aurora borealis coating is a beautiful gold color when placed on a dark background.

The other is from the 8000 series Swarovski crystals. The 8000 series has a smaller hole at the top, Swarovski logo near the hole and the aurora borealis is a spectacular bluish, purplish color when placed against a dark background.

Price Size/Color Quantity Total
$ 1.37 20mm crystal
$ 1.48 20mm aurora borealis
$ 3.90 28mm crystal
$ 4.52 28mm aurora borealis
$ 7.54 40mm crystal
$ 8.49 40mm aurora borealis
$ 3.77 8815 40mm aurora borealis
$ 3.94 8815 40mm sapphire - out of stock