8721 Net Pendant

8721 Net Pendant

The net pendant makes a beautiful sun catcher! These pieces are no longer made, not because they aren't perfect and wonderful creators of rainbows but because the entire 8000 series has been discontinued by Swarovski.

The crystal blue shade is a crisp blue color, almost icy looking, more clear than blue. Much lighter than the photograph.

What is the difference between Swarovski's Advanced Crystal & Swarovski's Spectra crystal?

Swarovski no longer produces glass with the addition of lead. The patented, lead-free advanced crystal (AC) composition, offers superior brilliance and light reflection. AC is entirely made of carefully selected raw materials in very high purity, in order to reach its outstanding quality standard.

Spectra crystal has a different crystal composition, comes with a basic assortment of traditional shapes and is only available in crystal. spectra crystal is the perfect choice for the price-conscious consumer. Thanks to its crystal composition, spectra crystal offers above-average results regarding light reflection and brilliance while still delivering excellent value for money.

Price Size/Color Quantity Total
$ 3.36 28mm crystal 0 items available
$ 3.48 28mm aurora borealis 30 items available
$ 5.60 38mm crystal 192 items available
$ 3.82 38mm crystal silver glaze - very light color, looks almost clear. 133 items available
$ 11.88 63mm crystal blue shade 9 items available
$ 7.30 76mm spectra crystal 3 items available